Top 10 Push ups

Top 10 Push ups

Push ups is one of the most important exercise that our fitness trainers recommend. This exercise is really good for whole body as its beneficial for upper body strength like shoulders, biceps-triceps etc. Also by pulling it down they engage lower back which tends to core strengthen the lower body muscles too. Push up is one of the most recommended exercise to strengthen the body and giving a good posture as it tends to utilize mostly all the body parts.

Here Fit Shelter presents you top 10 different posture of push up which helps to strengthen different areas of the body and also build them up.

Top 10 push ups

Traditional Push ups

The traditional push up is the first push up then comes in the mind when we talk about push ups. The posture is that your hands should be beneath your shoulders or slightly wider. Your core should be tight. Your back should be straight and depending on your level, you can be up on your toes or on your knees. This Push up style tends to strengthen your upper body level as it involves all upper body muscles like shoulder, triceps and biceps .

Traditional push ups

Wide Grip Push ups

Wide range push up is mostly same as traditional one but in this the elbows will be wide as the grip of this push up will be wide. It tends to give more concentration on chest and shoulders.

wide range push up

Diamond Push ups

Diamond push ups is also called Close grip push up . In this push ups your hands are close together, narrow than your shoulder width. Your thumbs of both hands are touching else body posture is same as traditional push up. The core effect is on the triceps. This kind of push up is little difficult to do but its engages triceps and shoulders.


Staggered Push ups

This is also one hell kind of a push up that you can add in your daily workout routine. The position of this push up is mainly same as traditional one but having a slight change that will give a different effect on your body. The one hand in this position is above the another. And after the set complete the hand changes its position vice versa. If you want to strengthen your upper body then this is the one.


Clap Push ups

This is a high power push up is clap push up. Initially the position will be of traditional one but you will be needing momentum and efforts to enhance pressure to clap in the space with your hands. This is one kind of push up that needs explosive and high intensive energy.

clap push up

Superman push up

One more push up that uses explosive power and strength is the Superman push up. This push up is next level of clap push up. In this push up your entire body leaves the floor . This is one of the hardest and strong kind of push up. Position is from traditional to a entire body jump. Use the strength of the whole body and higher growth and power. This works out speed ups overall chest workout.


Pike Push up

This is a kind of Push-up that focuses on shoulder and upper body strength. If anyone wants to build a stronger shoulder than this is the one advised. The position of this one is to keep your hips high – heels low in a V position as u bend your elbows and lower the head and shoulders towards the floor.

pike push up

Super Hindu Push up

This is also known as Akhada Push up . This push up is to strengthen the whole upper body majorly focusing on shoulders , triceps and biceps . Also tends to improve flexibility . The position is : Initially a pike push up position then slowly moving your body upwards. Chin up chest up into torso forward.

super hindu

Sphinx Push-Up

This push up focuses on building triceps. It strengthens the whole upper body core strength key focus on triceps to build it much stronger. The position of this push up is starts with a plank posture, then Push up with your triceps to lift your elbows off the ground; continue until your arms are fully extended, then lower your elbows until just above the ground for repetition of process. The farther you place your arms, the more difficult.


One arm push up

This push up doubles the weight in one arm thus increasing the core for stability . The effect of this push up is similar to traditional one but this posture doubles the effects in the upper body – Chest , triceps , shoulders and biceps . The posture is to put one hand in the centered below your chest and another behind your back . Feet’s more wider then regular posture. Keep your hips and back flat during the entire movement .

One arm


Top 10 styles of push up have been discussed in this post with all its benefits and posture. Look for your type of push up by seeing which body part you want to strengthen and accelerate.

All the best to you all. For more knowledge about health and fitness – Click the link : Fit Shelter

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