Home workout

Home workout

Since everyone one of us can’t go to gym but still desires to be fit , so we are here to come out with home workout which is damn effective and will target your each body part. This workout will not be needing any kind of equipment and it can be easily done at your home or any such place .

Exercise routine for workout at home

Lets start – The first and foremost important thing is to start with warming up your body with certain kinds of stretchings which will relaxe your body. Recommended warm-up is 10-12 mins.

1. Jumping jacks

This exercise focus on your whole body motion. This exercise tends to increase your stamina and core strength . 100 jumping jacks a day is enough to be fit .

Workout at home

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2. Spot Running

Spot running is a very effective way to reduce your body fat and it requires higher energy . Spot running is a really good exercise when your working out at home as its really helps in loosing fat and increase stamina. Not as beneficial as jogging but still a good substitute for it. 2-3 min spot running

spot running

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3. Plank

Plank exercise concentrate on your abs and also on the sides , so it’s recommended as a very use full exercise and should be practiced daily .
For beginners – 30 sec- 1 min plank is enough
For pros. – 1:15-2 min plank with 3 sets and plank should be normal

Workout at home

4. Push-Ups

This is also the core and the one of the most imp exercise that’s should be done daily and is also highly recommend in all the fitness programs. This execrise helps you to strengthen your shoulders and chest . And also give core strength to the body.
For Beginners – 3 sets of 15 each is recommended
For Pro – 3 sets of 25 each.

Workout at home

5. Triceps Push-Ups

This is the push-up style that give a strength to our triceps and also to our shoulders to gain energy.
For beginners – 3 sets of 10 each
For pros – 3 sets of 20 each

Tricep push-up

6. Squats.

Squats helps to build your lower body muscle , tends to strengthen your thighs, calves and hamstrings. Squats are of many variation but we will consider the basic variation to build your lower body strong. For beginners – Total of 100 squats in what we recommend. For Pros – Total of 200 squats .


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7. Crunches

Crunches is the best exercise for your abs , and for the people who wants to reduce your belly fat . Then this is the best exercise for you guys. It has many variation .You can do whichever you want depend on your capabilities as all have core focus on your belly fat. For beginners – 3 sets of 20-25 rep each . For Pros – 3 sets of 30 rep each


8. Leg raise

Only crunches will not help you to reduce your belly fat. Leg raise and a healthy diet is also the key ingredient to loose your belly fat and be in the perfect shape in which u desires. For beginners – 3 sets are good of 20-25 rep each. For Pros – 3 sets of 30-35 rep each

Side raise

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So here we are at the end of workout and also at the end of our post . So we have talked about lower body workout , core strengthen workout and also upper body strengthen. Do it once a day and be fit and be in your desire shape , but also note healthy diet is the most important thing that we need to add. Give your feedback on this one

Home workout

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