Home workout – Intermediate level

Home workout – Intermediate level

Going to gym all the time isn’t possible for everyone , but everyone wants to be fit and wants to be in a good shape. In such situation Home workout is need of an hour. Every human wants to look good, now a days to be fit is what everyone desires for. A good healthy routine not only will make you feels good, also helps you get a good body posture, and also to fight with variable diseases like diabetes, kidney problems, cholesterol, heart diseases etc effectively.

We have posted home workout in our previous post – So now we presents you Home Workout Intermediate level.This workout routine is not for the beginners .

Home workout routine- Intermediate level :

Warm up Set : Jumping packs

Warm up set is a set to warm your body, basically to prepare your body for workout. Warm up and stretching exercise is the most important element in the workout routine. This tends to loosen your body and warms it to prepare for a workout. Since this workout routine is bit tough, so 10 – 15 minutes warm up set is what we recommend. In this we will do certain stretching exercises : 1. The forward stretch 2. The Low lunge arch 3. Shoulder rotator stretch. 4. Hip flexor stretch.

And lets move towards our Main warm up exercise – Jumping Jacks .

Jumping jacks helps to raise your heart rate and also move your muscle in different ways. These movements can become more explosive, gaining both strength and agility for sports that require multi-directional movement .

Home workout

3 sets of 100 reps.

Super Set – Home workout

Super set is a set in which exercise is performed simultaneously without any interval between them . Their will be 3 exercise and 3 sets.

Exercises are 1. Half Burpee 2. Squat to high knee 3. Push up with side kick.

Set = Half burpee + Squat to high knee + Push up with side kick. ( without any time interval )

Like this we need to do 3 sets with 40 seconds rest in between.

Half Burpee – 1 minute

The half burpee is a full body strength training exercise and the ultimate example of functional fitness. With this your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs will have a very good effect. After a few sets of half burpee your body will be in its core strength. This exercise should be done for 1 minute

High knees with squats – 1 minute

High Knees are a cardio-intensive exercise performed at a fast pace. It engages your core, strengthens all the muscles in your legs, gets your heart rate up and improves momentum, coordination and flexibility. While adding squats with high knees it helps in adding benefits of squats as it core effects in legs and also strengthens your core. The recommended time for this exercise is 1 minute

Push up with side kick – 1 minute

Push up is a very good exercise for building your upper body strength as it strengthens chest, bicep-triceps, shoulders and also helps in strengthen your lower back body. While adding side kick with it, it effects in the core of the abs, quads and upper thighs. This exercise is also recommended for 1 minute.

So basically Super set =( 1 minute half burpee + 1 minute high knees with squats + 1 minute push up with side kick ) x 3.

Have a break of 40 seconds in between each set.

Abs home workout

Abs is the core part of our body and each of the abs workouts is a mini-circuit you can do at the end of your main workout. The circuits are designed to work the maximum number of muscle fibers as quickly and effectively as possible . Their will be 2 exercise in this workout 1. Knee to elbow 2. Plank Crunches.

Knee to elbow – 3 sets x 1 minute.

Lie on your back and place your hands behind your head. Bend your knees and bring them up making 90 degree angle between your thigh and hips.This is the very good abs exercise and strengthen your abs. Helps you to bring abs and reduce your stomach fat. 3 sets of 1 minute each is what we recommend.

Plank crunches – 3 sets x 1 minute.

Start with the plank position. Then bring your knee towards the shoulder one by one. This exercise helps to strengthen your core base and also will tighten your stomach and will make it in a good shape.

Closure workout – Jumping ropes x 5 minutes.

In the last of our home workout we do jumping ropes to make our body relaxed and to regain strength. 5 mins of jumping rope is enough to make your body relaxed.

Home workout

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