The Oat World

The Oat World

Now a days one of the most healthy breakfast in our town is an Oat Meal. Over a past few years,they have become a good ‘Health Food’. As per the researches, 81 Grams of dry oats contains 7.5 grams of fiber called Beta-Glucan. This fiber is recommended to be taken approx 25-30 grams as this fiber plays a crucial role in reducing bad cholesterol level . As well as maintaining what is referred to as standard human body sugar levels. Also Oats benefits in a lot ways as they are a good source of carbs and fiber that should be added in our day to day meals.

Their are also certain good recipes with Oats that we will discuss in our next segment.

Oats benefits .

1.Supports Weight Loss:
It is a low calorie food which slows digestion and it also contains Beta-glucan which helps in make you full for longer period of time, thus reducing your cravings and a way to loose weight. Further it also helps in improving insulin sensitivity.

2.Protects Skin:
It have certain kind of fibre that helps in protecting your skin and makes it smooth and also moisturizes skin.
This is the reason that many skin care products contain oats as an essential ingredient.To add on they are very good for skin allergy eczema.
3.Controls Blood Pressure level:
People who suffers from high blood pressure are recommended a daily dosage of oats as it helps in good blood flow in the body. Thus reducing the probability of potential hypertension.
4.Prevents Cancer and heart disease:
The antioxidants present in oats are beneficial for heart disease . The dietary fibers helps to lower the bad cholesterol (L.D.L) without affecting.
The good cholesterol (H.D.L.). To analyse, reduction of bad cholesterol level helps in preventing heart disease, further reducing the chances of cancer.

Oats contain a lot of benefits that helps in daily life. The goal is to feel refresh and gain energy. It are the most preferred breakfast as it helps in having a fresh start in a day. However a lot of people does not prefer oats . As a result of its taste and hence struggle in eating them. Since Oats benefits in a lot way ,if we add them in our lives.

Oats benefits

There are some ways to add oats in our day to day life :

We can add them in our Regular Flour .So it wont even taste bad and hence we can enrich its full benefits.

It can also be added to our regular Coffee with some seeds .Which also adds to as refreshment agent as we need from our coffee.

It can be mixed with Hot Milk by adding a little sugar or honey, further adding up to its taste

Oat Cake are really popular among-st today’s generation. The idea is to get a chocolate cake,the one you love but twist of nutrition . Its basically a cherry on a cake as taste and health blend in together.

Oat Bread is also a variable nutrition source in what can be referred to as a healthyOat World”.

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