Poha, made from flattened rice, is an easy-to-cook, nutritious snack. It is often eaten for breakfast or brunch .Poha is also called ‘Indian Rice Dish’. It is the healthiest option. It also makes for a great snack. Poha or rice flakes are not only easy to make but also provide enough energy including iron, carbohydrates and have a low-gluten level. Varied snacks can be prepared from it ,that will increase its taste and adds up to your routine as will be discussed in later segment.

A bowl of Poha also works as a Pre-workout meal,as it rich in nutrients. It is one of the rare dish that is tasty and healthy at a same time. A bowl of it fulfills the goal of taste and nutrients.

Poha is one of the most famous breakfast all over nation.It is one of the rare dishes that is consumed by mostly every region of our country.



1. One of the most important benefit of it is that it is a Good source of energy as its made up of rice and hence tends to make stomach full for longer.

2. It is also rich in vital vitamins and iron which helps to keep healthy.

3. With overall health, it also focuses on a Great heart health as it is lactose free.

4. Poha helps in reducing the most common disease i.e Diabetes, since it contains Vitamin B1 known for Reducing the blood sugar level.

5. It is a light meal so its Easy to digest.

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