Multigrain Flour

Multigrain Flour

Multigrain Flour is a very important grain to add in your diet. A Whole wheat Flour doesn’t include as much nutritious value in comparison to the Multigrain Flour. As the name suggests, multigrain Flour have multiple benefits.It involves the nutritious value of all the ingredients in it. Firstly let me share the essential ingredients of this flour.

Multigrain flour comprises of :

  • Ragi – 10%
  • Oats – 10%
  • Whole Wheat – 40%
  • Bajra – 15%
  • Jawar – 15%
  • Soya bean – 10

Multigrain flour is a unique blend of various healthy and nutritious flours. It contains Organic wheat, Bajra, Jawar, Ragi and more.Loaded with Proteins, Fibers and Minerals. Thus helps in maintaining strong health and is a good source of energy.

All these former ingredients have a lot nutritious value when they are combined together .

Benefits of Multigrain Flour are :


Multigrain Flour is the richest source of Calcium as compared to any other non dairy source ,so it is advisable for the people with bones or teeth problems.

Multigrain flour


The High dietary fibre that combines in this flour keeps the stomach full for a longer period and hence prevents unwanted cravings.

weight loss


This flour contains certain Antioxidants which help in lowering the blood pressure levels by which the blood vessels tend to dilate and leads to better blood flow .

better blood flow


This flour is rich in Magnesium, which keeps the heart healthy. It also has potassium , which dilates  blood vessels allowing blood to flow more easily.

Healthy heart


This flour contains a good amount of Fibre which is missing in our daily diet, so this helps to boost our immunity as it contains Magnesium, Copper and Calcium. Altogether this improves our digestion.                                                                                                                              

Multigrain flour


Multigrain Flour is an excellent source of vitamins which is beneficial for strengthening immunity.It also contains protein that makes body more energetic and in the last it contains Fiber which helps to digest food easier, lower saturated fat level and keeps heart healthy.

FIT TRICK : Add some mint and ajwain to make your flour more tasty and healthy.

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