We all need a fresh and heavy start for the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The first meal of the day is most important as it should contain all the nutrition. It’s  a saying that we should have a breakfast like a king – lunch like a regular person – Dinner like a beggar.

Now a days we all are so busy in working that we don’t get enough time for having lunch, so taking heavy breakfast sets an individual for all the day thus make ones work more effective.

In this post we will be talking about the healthy breakfast that will help us to start our day refreshing and energetic.

There are many healthy and tasty options for breakfast one can go for:

1. Poha

2. Upma

3. Paranthe 

4. Sandwich

5. Omelette

6. Dishes with oats

7. Quinao

and many more.- That we will keep you posted about in our blog.

We all love these dishes however these all dishes are isn’t enough to give a healthy start of the day. What can be done is to fulfill the nutritious goals with some add-on’s to have a healthy start.

Add on’s in the breakfast

You can take Oats as it is very nutritious ingredient. It can be eaten in many ways as discussed in one of previous post. – Oats world

A egg white omelette is recommended for the people who wants to loose weight.

You can have a coffee with less sugar i.e enrich in caffeine with your dish – to have a healthy and energetic start.

Paranthe should be better cooked with olive oil to make it healthier one.

You can add smoothies which can be made from many fruits like apple, strawberry, blueberry, avocado etc. We all know that these fruits are so tasty and also contains so many nutritious value so adding them in your breakfast meal can help in boosting your day.

Some of very healthy nutritious breakfast that’s surely worth a try :

To know more : Fit Shelter

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