Oats upma recipe

Oats upma recipe

As we have discussed in one of our post(The Oat World) that there are so many benefits of oats ,So why not to add oats in our daily life to enrich its all benefits and make our life a healthier one.To help that here is one of the most common oats recipe which is also a very common breakfast in most of the families – Oats Upma recipe .

Oats are energizing, provide satiety, can be made in different ways, used to improve your workouts and enhance your mood.


Oats upma recipe

Step – 1 : Take a pan full of oats and roast it in a medium flame for a couple of minutes.

Step – 2 : Start chopping onion , garlic , capsicum and carrot in small pieces along with almonds and walnuts.

Step – 3 : Take a pan and add one table spoon oil in it and let it heat on medium flame. Further add some flex seeds, sunflower seeds , almonds and walnuts in the heated oil pan. Then add onion and garlic in it.

Step – 4: Next add green chilly , ginger and further vegetables in it and cook it for a while.

Step – 5 : Add your roasted oats in the pan with red chilly powder , turmeric powder and a pinch of salt.

Step – 6 : Then side by side boil 2 cup of water and further adding it in the pan.

Step – 7 : Then just switch off the flame and cover the pan for 2-3 minutes.

Step -8 : Your OATS UPMA is ready serve it and also garnish it with beat-root and dhaniya to add to the flavour.

oats upma recipe

Serve this delicious and extremely healthy dish to your loved ones and surely tell us in the comment section that how u like it. If u have some ideas to add to the flavor and nutrition in it,we will be glad to hear it fro you.

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